Welcome to Stordal Elveeigarlag's website.
Stordalselva is open for fishing for salmon during the period

25.06 – 07.08.2022

Salmon caught at Øvrebust zone in Stordalselva approx. 1970. The fish weighed 19 kg and was caught by Lars Øvrebust (on the right in the picture). Assistant was Sverre Holtleite.

Stordal Elveeigarlag is organized as a management team, which by joint management shall take care of and try to increase the stocks of salmon and sea trout, as far as possible in the watercourse.
The team has taken some action in recent years in the restoration of spawning streams for sea trout and fortunately there are also some salmon spawning in some of these streams.

Throughout 2022, the team will have 4 habitat measures under planning and work, for salmon and sea trout. These are expensive investments and require a lot of work.
The team has therefore introduced a management card from 2021. Here, all income from this card will go in full to habitat and cultivation purposes. The price of this card is NOK 120.- and must be redeemed by everyone who wants to fish in the river, everyone who rents, everyone who fishes for free with the landowner. Also the landowner must redeem this card.
The card can be purchased at elveguiden.no under Stordalselva.

Stordal Elveeigarlag has nothing to do with the selling of fishing licenses or renting out fishing. This has been, and still is, a matter between the individual landowner and the one who wants to rent fishing. Most of the rentals take place on a seasonal basis, and the same fishermen like to order for a new season before they end the season. In some places you can still buy fishing licenses in limited quantities.

The river is mainly closed to fishing every night between kl. 24.00 and 04.00 every day of the week. The fishing season in 2022 is from 25th of June to and including 7th of August.
Following the 2021 Annual General Meeting resolution, it was decided that the mid-season evaluation is set for 15th of July every year.
This evaluation will be decisive for a possible earlier season closure in 2022, at the same time the river may be closed temporarily due to low water levels and high water temperatures over time.
There are strict catch restrictions for the 2022 season - these can be found here on the website and on posters along the river.

The board of Stordal Elveeigarlag, 2022:

Leader: Jarle Hove
Deputy leader: Egil Henden
Secretary: Jan Erik Vad
Member: Stein Eric Solevåg

Pay the fishing fee online

The easiest and cheapest way to pay is online. When paying by credit card or debit card, you will receive a receipt by e-mail and can print the fee card yourself.
The electronic fee payment is in four language versions; Norwegian, Finnish, English and German. Here is the link that allows you to easily find online payment of the fee. http://www.dirnat.no/fiskeravgift/

A great film about Stordalselva, made by Torstein Stavseng, who is part of the team around the competence group in Stordal Elveeigarlag.